Home Infarstructures 
     Zoned HVAC
     Air Conditioning
   (Low Voltage Wiring)

     Cable / Satellite
     Pool / Spa
     Lighting /control
     Door bells
     Audio system
     Control Panels
     Smoke/fire sys
     Energy monitoring
     Flood monitoring
    (High Voltage Wiring)

Circurit brakers
      Emergency Power
      Energy production
      Hot water
      Water main shutoff
      Water mgt
         Grey water sys
         Black water sys
Data Storage
     PC backup
     Electronic Books
     Offsite data backup
High Tech Habitats is focused on providing information, products and standards for the next generation of homes. The information, products and standards are targeted at providing a plug and play infrastructure within the home. This infrastructure supports a wide range of upgradeable components that add significant value to the home through it life.

The average new home architecture/design pays little attention to the home buyer wants/needs after the sale. The focus is on every item that is build into the home to be complete and functioning the day of delivery. Our concept is to provide a complete and functioning infrastructure withing the home on the day of delivery. For example a security system may not be in the budget day one but having the infrastructure in place greatly lowers the cost when you are ready to add this feature or adds to the value of the home when you sell.

Home buyers are offered very few infrastructure options.  For example the typical wiring infrastructure list includes the following; alarm wiring, number of phone jacks, door bells, number of cable outlets, intercom and maybe speaker wiring. Some of the more progressive builders offer structure wiring (bundle of wires targeted at entertainment locations) and connection boxes. While these option are a good start they really don't address the realm of possibilities. As you explore this site you will see the rang of possibilities.

You can think of today's homes as being infrastructure challenged for the most part. Builders are driven to produce the lowest cost homes (think cost per sq ft) which typically shows up as bad trade off for the home buyer. The builders focus is on the things that show, like number of rooms, over all square foot, exterior wall feature or paint, counter tops, floor covering, number of garage bays and of course the minimum building code requirements.

This leaves many of the home infrastructures as the least focused on areas. The areas that suffer from lack of attention are energy savings/usage, low voltage wiring, security, fire protection, and a few others.

While this is all fine it doesn't address the cost or convenance of living in the home. For a cost example 50% more insulation will add a few thousand dollars to the home price but will lower the power bills for the life of the home. So the result is you save a few dollars a month on the mortgage and pay the power companies many times that in only a few years of living in the home.

Our goal is to provide you with information and products that will enhance your home's energy efficiency as well as enhance your life style by provide a system of low cost infrastructures to your new home that will allow you to add features or upgrades in the future.